Feel   the   night   sky   of   Yeongcheon,   the   city   of   stars, from   the   Gwiae   Traditional   House,   located   over   the   green   fields   under   quiet   Umoksan.


Reservation information
Gwiae Traditional House operates on a reservation basis.

We limit the number of guests.
We are trying to create a space where you can rest in comfort.
In addition, the descendants are living in the house, so you must observe the etiquette and obtain permission to enter in advance.

In consideration of the characteristics of a wooden building, Hanok, smoking, and cooking are not allowed in the traditional house. An extra fee of KRW 10,000 per person will be added when the number of people staying exceeds the standard occupancy. Room usage hours: 14:00 (Check-in) ~ 11:00 (Check-out) Chuseok and New Year's Day are always closed due to traditional ceremonies. For the protection of the traditional house, pets are not allowed. Room items: Air conditioner (air conditioner with heating function, no air conditioner in Gwiae Pavilion), towels, electric kettle, emergency medicine, hair dryer, shampoo, body wash, soap, bottled water, toothpaste, etc. For personal hygiene reasons, toothbrushes are not prepared, so please bring your own toothbrushes with you. WI-FI is supported, but there is no TV. Please note that guests are responsible for damage to facilities and loss of valuables. When using the facilities, pay special attention to personal safety management, including children, and you will be responsible for any safety accidents caused by your negligence. For your safety, please refrain from going outside after 11 pm.

Refund Policy
Room name
Refund standard time Midnight ( 00: 00 )
Cancellation on the appointed day 0% Refund
Cancellation 1 day in advance 0% Refund
Cancellation 2 day in advance 0% Refund
Cancellation 3 day in advance 50% Refund
Cancellation 4 day in advance 50% Refund
Cancellation 5 day in advance 50% Refund
Cancellation 6 day in advance 100% Refund
Traditional House Reservation
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Wedding and First birthday party for a baby
Precious moments in a traditional old house

Precious moments in a traditional old house.
An outdoor wedding in a quiet traditional house will be set in the beautiful Gwiae Traditional House in all four seasons.
We will create a special ceremony that reminds you of a scene in a movie.

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Meetings and Banquets
A synesthetic encounter with tradition

We have prepared a place for those who are creating an opportunity where members can realize their dreams through various and special encounters and communication.
We plan and operate conventions and incentive tours through systematic communication suitable for purposes such as corporate training and various meetings where creative ideas can be exchanged in a traditional and comfortable atmosphere.

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